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From Dark to Dreamy: a Modest Kitchen Makeover with Bold Results

Stained wood can add charm, warmth and richness to our homes, but it requires a certain level of balance to prevent it from becoming overwhelming, dark or oppressive.  The balance in this project had yet to be achieved, but there were elements worth saving that would help transform the space from dark to dreamy...

Stained floors, ceilings and cabinets coupled with dark red walls made the space feel tight and outdated.

While a small island formed an obstacle that interrupted the flow and function of the kitchen and didn't provide a large enough prep surface.

The dual loaded galley style kitchen with center island created a bisected space with narrow working aisles leaving the eating area underutilized and inefficient.

The existing kitchen plan had tight circulation clearances and limited work surface.  Foot traffic from the Foyer flowed directly through the working area and in front of the often used refrigerator.  It was not conducive to entertaining or accommodating for multiple cook…


If you want to know what design elements are trending in the bath industry, this is the place to start.  Below is a list of bath design trends that you can either expect to see more or less of in the coming year.  This slide show is based on the findings published in the 2014 NKBA Kitchen & Bath Style Report along with our own professional insights and observations.

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Kitchen stye trends have continued to shift towards the contemporary end of the design spectrum throughout 2014.  Below we have created a slideshow of kitchen design trends that are expected to become more or less popular as we round out the year and look forward to 2015.  Our findings are adapted from the NKBA 2014 Kitchen Style Report and our own professional insights and observations.