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Budgeting for a Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations top the list of the most common home renovation project types.  Whether your bathroom renovation is sparked by a leaking or burst pipe or by a desire to upgrade your finishes and fixtures, the process is still the same.  First you will need a plan of attack (that's where professional designers-like myself- come into play), then you will need to select you finishes, fixtures, and accessories; and finally you will need to hire the right building professionals to make your renovation a reality.  

To help you establish a budget the National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends you break down your renovation costs into eleven categories:
1.)  Design:  4% Hiring a professional designer will ensure your investment is as beautiful as it is functional.
Detailed drawings help the contractor stay on time and in budget.
2.)  Installation:  20%The largest chunk of your budget will pay for skilled labor costs so you have plumbing and tile that won't leak or crack.
 3.)  F…