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Master on the Main

In the 1970’s a group of architects, designers and engineers began to develop a series of guidelines meant to revolutionize the design of our cities, towns and homes.They sought an approach to design that would make the built environment more useful to more people for a greater period of time.They gave voice to the concept of Universal Design.
Now, here we are forty years later and you probably have never heard of Universal Design and you probably don’t care to now.So I’ll spare you the history lesson, but I will say that even if you haven’t heard of it, you are seeing the concepts of Universal Design infiltrate your home.
One of the most commonly requested additions onto a home is the addition of a master bedroom and bathroom located on the main level.Homeowners have begun to realize the benefits of such an arrangement.They see the value of having a bedroom space that is accessible without going up or down a flight of stairs or one that is removed from the other bedrooms to provide pr…