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Keys to Making a House a Home..Part II

Bedrooms: Bedrooms play an important role in the family dynamic. Typically, the largest bedroom with the most closet space and closest proximity to its own bathroom is reserved for the “master” or “masters” of the house. This makes sense after all, because if you pay the bills you should get the most comfortable room. If you have let your child or children take over the “master” bedroom, you may want to reconsider this decision and reassert your authority lest they grow up and think they deserve the boss’ office without having earned it.

One of the most common trends in new home design it to make the kid's rooms relatively equal in size with comparable closet space and equal access to a private or semi-private bathroom. While I have yet to find a study which proves that sharing a bedroom or bathroom with a sibling is harmful, many parents are opting to eliminate a common source of frustration amongst their children and put an end to the fight over who gets the bigger bedroom. Havi…

Keys to Making a House a Home...

Think about it, our homes have evolved hand in hand with our culture. As a migratory species our homes were mobile and temporary. Once we became settlers, they became more permanent too. The size was dictated by our available resources and their design was a reflection of how our families functioned. Families began to labor less and recreate more. Homes began to have spaces dedicated to our leisure rather than our need.

The average house size in 1950 was 1,000 square feet, while the average house size in 2000 had doubled to 2,070 square feet. Likewise, the divorce rate inflated along with the size of homes, quadrupling from the years 1950 to 2000. Is there a connection? Would life be perfect if we all downsized? No, our homes are not solely to blame for the ills of society, but when expertly designed they can help to foster a strong sense of family and encourage neighbors to support one another. Our homes can help or hinder our quality of life. In my opinion, these are some of the elem…